The title of florist


The profession of florist is an arranger of plant material, but make no mistake, it is not a florist in the literal sense.
A florist is a person who knows how to design, arrange plant material according to certain rules with immense love and adoration of the plant, and who has prior knowledge on the subject.
Floristry is not a simple science, such as tying flowers in a bouquet, sticking flowers in a sponge. It is a complex science where there are rules, care is taken of technique, shapes, colors and lines. Plant and auxiliary materials are used in the work.
Flor Cert is an international project that organizes various activities with the main goal of training professional florists.
In domestic florists, this area is at an extremely low level, and people should join the global trends.
The task of florists is very broad, they can do complete decorations at various concerts in coordination with the performance of the concert. Decorations at weddings and other manifestations.
It is simply a flower story with a soul.


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