Why do people say that storks bring babies?


Why do people say that storks bring babies?When a child asks us how babies come into the world? They will receive the answer that the storks will bring them. For centuries, such an answer has been in various cultures and mythologies, the stork signifies the return of the soul, symbolizes family values and relationships, monogamy because it is believed that they have one soul mate for life.
Storks are migratory birds, they fly to the south in autumn, and after nine months they return to Europe (pregnancy lasts that long). In some mythologies, the stork is fidelity in married life because when storks return they always arrive at the same nest with the same partner.
In European culture, a baby stork is brought to its beak in a white sheet, scarf, or basket, it is the simplest story if asked by an older child who is eagerly expecting a baby.
Many stories, fairy tales, movies around the world tell about storks that bring babies to their parents, who eagerly await the new addition.


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